Winter Show 2011: January 28th

Out of the many artists who submit for the show, our guest juror has selected six Honorable Mention Artists and one Best of Show.

  • Best of Show artists will be awarded: Free two weeks Solo Show in Water Street Studios 2nd floor gallery, valued at $200.
    (Kenar's solo show will be June 24 - July 6th)

Swine tonight.jpg

Peter Kenar
Swine tonight

Peter Kenar is working on a MFA in sculpture at Indiana University.
You can view Peter's website here:
Peter's Gallery Audio Tour: Click Here.

Artist Statement:

The concept behind my work originates from a multitude of life shaping experiences and subconscious expressions through dreams. With these influences, I developed my own language. Sculpture provides me with the means to manifest this language through an unspoken expression. This, I feel, gives me a potential for engraving deep memories into ones visual memory. My images often integrate elements of manipulated anatomical studies with mythological and religious references. I am fascinated by scientific investigation and its potential misjudgment of organic viability. I wish to explore the likeliness of coexistence of science, myth and unexplainable energy. In my visual thoughts, these elements serve as a tool to expend the meaning of a narrative, and as a starting point for the viewers own conceptual analysis.


Brian Dewolf Swine Tonight Main Gallery

Honorable Mentions:

To view the work of the Honorable Mention Artists click here.

  • Diana McNish
  • Tim Kowalczyk
  • Jenna Goeringer
  • Alison Balcanoff