Ann Coddington-Rast

06 looking up, detail 2

April 2010 Spring Best of Show:
Ann Coddington-Rast, Looking Up







"The sky is our view of the infinite.
All else that we see, experience, know and touch is finite.
With each breath, we pull a tiny amount of the sky into our bodies.
When we look up we are looking back in time - looking at the only thing that is endless.
It is heaven, space, the unknowable, endless sky."


My artwork utilizes fiber techniques from the traditional craft of basketry to create sculptural expressions that explore how life experiences are sensed, evinced, accumulated and stored in the body. I am intrigued by the differences between feeling and knowing; body and mind. Ineffable memories held by the body are more potent, penetrating and enduring than those in the mind. The forms are actuated by this somatic memory in conjunction with an investigation of the dichotomies: strength and fragility, ephemeral and eternal, masculine and feminine, alive and dead.

Fiber is a medium that has the tactile, intimate quality of the textile surface as well as the expressive potential of sculpture. As the world becomes progressively complex, I am driven to simplify; to tie two pieces of string together, bend some sticks, form plaster in my hands.

My art is my voice, more than my words, and in my work, feeling overshadows knowing.

Ann Coddington Rast


Best of Show artists will be awarded: Free two week Solo Show in Water Street Studios 2nd floor gallery, valued at $200.

We are also pleased to announce that audio brographies are available for free download as well as two players in the gallery for visitors to incorporate into their visit. Click here for a full sensory experience: Spring Show Audio Tour