Honorable Mention Artists



Show runs till May 12

There are two kinds of light - the glow that illumines, and the glare that obscures.
~James Thurber

illuminate explores light in all of its forms and is open to conceptual interpretation. This show is beyond anything Water Street Studios has ever done. illuminate is more of an "event" than a show. This is a dimly lit show, with the gallery's house lights off and sporadic track lights on. This show also exhibits work in the addictional 3,800 sq ft space adjacent to our already large gallery. This space will have all it's lights off and feature work that is self-illminating.



Guest Juror: Frank Maugeri

Water Street Studios is honored to have Frank Maugeri, Co-Artistic Director of RedMoon as our Guest Juror for our "illuminate" Show.

You can see Frank's recent presentation at
One State Together by visiting
www.sixtyinchesfromcenter.org/archive/?p=9382 .
Get more information on Redmoon by visiting www.redmoon.org.


Out of the many artists who submitted for the show, the jury panel selected 6 Honorable Mention Artists and one of them will be Best of Show.

  • Best of Show artists will be awarded: Free two week Solo Show in Water Street Studios 2nd floor gallery, valued at $200.
  • Honorable Mention artists will be awarded: Announcement on Water Street Studios website, and Honorable Mention Acknowledgment Name Tag in the gallery.

vectorstock-103039-gloss-button-with-headphones-vector.jpg Welcome to a full sensory experience!
Audio interviews with artists in our illuminate Show are available for free download. In addition, they are available to anyone to listen to on an audio player in the gallery for visitors who want to incorporate that into their visit.



Alvaro Amat
"This projects ambition was in and of itself admirable. The project intention of using light to transform space seemed to capture the whole challenge of the exhibition."
- Frank Maugeri

Bree Gomez
"Simply an important and impressive piece of public art. Although it is being presented inside an indoor gallery, it plays an important mission to our cultural community and civic sense of sensibilities. The work is really delightful and dark, intelligent and playful.
Most importantly, she challenges the norms of public space in a way that is very important to citizen's sense of ownership and what is public property. It really creates the opportunity for the public to really engage in their work around them."
- Frank Maugeri

Jennifer Cronin
Untitled (Self Portrait)
"These two paintings are such quality pieces. Clearly the artist has control of her craft that she deserves an Honorable Mention. Because of her craftsmanship in this skillful painting, she captured a tremendous depth and substance."
- Frank Maugeri

Jim Kirkhoff
House Resolution 849
"It's simply a fantastic expression of exploration and curiosity. It's a simple piece that invites each individual viewer to have their own kind of special and meaningful experience."
- Frank Maugeri

Jim Jenkins
The Thief
"This piece has such a poetic and symbolic impact on the viewer. Not only does he show tremendous skill in a sculpture and collage, but he operates very much like a storyteller using different materials to tell his tails."
- Frank Maugeri

Sean Williams
Light Miners
"Sean's work is highly mature. He shows tremendous skill of a professional artists. Dreamy, cinematic, fantastical, Sean Williams' photographs are imaginatively stylized scenes into worlds we seem to have just stumbled upon." - Frank Maugeri