Kari Kraus

Best of show Artist



2011 2nd Year Anniversary Show
September 30 - December 31, 2011

Out of the many artists who submit for the show, our guest juror has selected seven Honorable Mention Artists and one Best of Show.
Best of Show artists will be awarded: Free two weeks Solo Show in Water Street Studios 2nd floor gallery, valued at $200.
(Kraus's solo show will be anounced soon.)


Best of show Artists for 2011 2nd Year Anniversary Show:

Kari Kraus
"Main Frame"

You can view Kraus's website here: www.karikraus.carbonmade.com


My Work:

My medium of choice is three-dimensional fiber installation. Starting with undyed silk organza, I hand mix a variety of dye baths, then create patterns and textures on the fiber. The fabric is cut into smaller pieces and left to show the surface texture, or steam pressed to instill a uniform appearance. The piece itself only takes shape upon the wall it will live, fastened securely with dressmakers' pins. Each segment of the installation is deliberately positioned to reflect the atmosphere in which it inhabits. Copious amounts of time can be spent on a single installation, resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece that others can enjoy.

The documentation of each installation is key to the success of my work. So much of each piece is involved in the installation process that I feel that it is extremely important to capture it. My work is more than just pins and organza fiber; more than just a destination. It is a journey that I greatly encourage people to view. Due to the nature of my art, each piece is meticulously selected and deliberately installed to reflect a mood within the context of a given space.


My Career in Art Education:

I am a passionate art educator. Three years ago this passion lead me to a group of like-minded artists and the start of a dream that is now realized as Water Street Studios. Working with children, I saw a need in the community for more directed art education. Helping to found Water Street Studios School of Art has allowed me to fulfill this need. I am currently the Director of Education and also serve on the board of directors.

Art is a constructive way for a child to explore and express their feelings as well as to think and process information. Art exposes children to new ideas, cultures, and other parts of the world that they otherwise may not have experienced. One of the most important skills that a child can learn from art is critical thinking. Art teaches kids the process of looking at something, breaking it down and analyzing it, then reconstructing it with new meaning and understanding. At the School of Art we translate that into artwork; in all walks of life these skills will serve them well. I am lucky that I get to share my passion for art with my students enabling them to find their own path.