Guest Juror: Corey Postiglione

2nd Year Anniversary Show

Corey Postiglione
Associate Professor,
Art History + Fine Art Columbia College Chicago

2nd Year Anniversary Show Guest juror

Water Street Studios is honored to have Corey Postiglione as our Guest Juror for our 2nd Year Anniversary Show. The 2nd Year Anniversary Show will begin at 6pm (5pm for members) and Best of Show will be annoucned at 7pm in the main floor gallery.



Out of the many artists who will submit for the show, the jury panel have selected 10 Honorable Mention Artists and one Best of Show.

  • Best of Show artists will be awarded: Free two week Solo Show in Water Street Studios 2nd floor gallery, valued at $200.
  • Honorable Mention artists will be awarded: Announcement on Water Street Studios website, submitted artwork images on Anniversary Postcards, and Honorable Mention Acknowledgment Name Tag in the gallery.


vectorstock-103039-gloss-button-with-headphones-vector.jpgAudio interviews with artists in our Winter Show available for free download by clicking here for a full sensory experience! In addition, they are available to anyone to listen to on an audio player in the gallery for visitors who want to incorporate that into their visit.

Corey Postiglione
Associate Professor,
Art History + Fine Art Columbia College Chicago

2nd Year Anniversary Show Guest juror

Corey Postiglione received his BA in Studio Arts at the University of Illinois at Chicago and a Masters Degree in Art History and Critical Theory from the School of The Art Institute Chicago. He has had over twelve solo exhibitions and has been included in numerous group shows. His critical writing has been published in Artforum, The New Art Examiner, and Dialogue.



MA The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
20th century Art History, Theory, and Criticism
(studied with Judith Kirshner, Craig Owens, and Richard Shiff)

BA University of Illinois at Chicago


Selected one-person Exhibitions:

2010 "Corey Postiglione: Retrospective of Paintings 1972-2010," William A. Koehnline Museum, Oakton Community College, Des Plaines, IL.
2009 "Synecdoche: Corey Postiglione New Work," Thomas Masters Gallery, Chicago, IL
2008 "Works on Paper 1972-2007," Evanston Art Center, Evanston ,IL
2004-05 "Labyrinth," River East Art Center Gallery, Chicago,IL. Nov-Jan
2004 "Population," Open Studio Project at the corner of State and Lake, A site-specific installation, sponsered by the office of Cultural Afairs, June 26-July 13
2002 "Exponential Series," (Sept.) Jan Cicero Gallery, Chicago, IL
1999 "Paintings and Works on Paper," Riverside Arts Center, Riverside, IL.
1998 "Passages," William A. Koehnline Gallery, Oakton Community College, Des Plaines, IL.
1997-98 "Labyrinths 1991-97," Columbia College Gallery, Chicago, IL
1997, '85, '83, Jan Cicero Gallery, Chicago, IL
1981 Columbia College Gallery, Chicago, IL
1980 Evanston Art Center, Evanston, IL


Selected Group Exhibitions:

2011 "Art of the Real," Space Gallery, Denver, CO, June 23-July 30.
2011 American Abstract Artists 75th Anniversary, OK Harris, NY May 25- July 15.
2010 "Paper," Beverly Arts Center, Chicago IL
2007 "Barbie Meets G.I. Joe," . Koehnline Museum, Oakton Community College, Des Plaines, IL.
2007 "Abstract Generations," Brad Cooper Gallery, Tampa FL, Nov.25-Jan. 20.
2006 OPT ART, Iron Studios Building, Chicago, IL, June 16-18.



Selected Group Exhibitions cont.:

2005 "Optical Simulations," American Abstract Artists, Yellow Bird Gallery, Newburg, New York, Sept. 10-Nov. 12.
2003 "Visions of Passage," Brad Cooper Gallery, Ybor City, Tampa, FL, Jan. 25-March 8
2002 "Abstract Dilemmas: The American Abstract Artists," Martin Art Gallery, Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA, June 14-August 4
2000 "Pages," Columbia College Chicago Center for the Book and Paper Arts (invitational) July 7th to August 11
2000 "Out of Line, drawings by Illinois Artists, Chicago Cultural Center, April 29-August 20
2000 "Synthesis," an exhibit of Collage and mixed media works Sonnenscheim Gallery, Durand Art Institute, Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, IL
2000 "Blink: Interventions in the Salon," an exhibiton of installations by 13 Chicago artists (catalogue) at NIU Gallery, Chicago
1999 "Site/Insight: Four Artists ," Julia Fish, Martin Hurtig, Judy Ledgerwood, Corey Postiglione, Suburban Fine Art Center, Highland Park, IL
1998-99 Klein Art Works, "3rd Chicago Abstraction Exhibition," Chicago IL
1998, 96 Evanston & Vicinity Exhibition (juried) (Merit Award)
1996 "Chicago School 1945-1996," Jan Cicero Gallery Chicago
1995 19th Annual Beverly Art Center Competition, Chicago IL
1994 "Exquisite Corpse," Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland
1986 "Chicago Draws," Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL (curated by Michael Lash)
1981 "27th Annual Drawing and Small Sculpture," Ball State University, Muncie, IN
1980 "Rutgers National Drawing 79," (competition) Stedman Art Gallery, Camden, NJ


Selected Group Exhibitions cont.:

1979 "Chicago/Karlsruhe," Karlsruhe and Munich, West Germany (Invitational)
1974 "New Talent," Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago, IL



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Exhibitions Curated:

2006 "Travel Documents," Koehnline Museum of Art, Oakton Community College, Des Plaines, IL, July 6-Aug. 24.
2006 "Travel Documents," A+D Gallery, Columbia College Chicago, March 2- April 15.
2004 Curated "Hot Mix: John Phillips Selected Works 1979-2004," A+D Gallery, Columbia College Chicago, Sept. 30-Nov. 6, Catalogue Essay.
2004 Curated "A Moment in Time," Women Artists and the EAC School 1971-78, Evanston Art Center, Evanston IL, Feb. 29-April 7, Essay for exhibit.


Exhibitions Curated cont.:

2004 Curated "The Paintings of Owen McHugh 1962-2003," A+D Gallery, Columbia College Chicago, Jan. 9-Feb. 21, Catalogue Essay.
2003 Chicago Critics on Chicago Art, Slide lecture, Art Chicago 2003, Festival Hall Navy Pier, Chicago ,May 10.
2002 Curated "Real Abstraction: No Metaphors, No Apologies," SFAC, Highland Park,IL, Sept.6-Oct.1.
2002 Juror and Judge for "Nude in the Postmodern" international exhibition/competition held at the Brad Cooper Gallery, Tampa, FL, Nov. 30-Jan. 4, 2003.
2002 Co-Curated "Sculpture in Chicago Now, Part Two," (with Adam Brooks) Glass Curtain Gallery, Columbia College Chicago, IL, April 15-May 12 (Authored Catalogue Essay).
2002 Curated "New Voices," (emerging artists) SFAC, Highland Park, IL, March 1-30.
2001 Curated "Property: Karen Lebergott, Selected Works 1990-2001,"Art & Design Columbia College Gallery, November 13-January 5 (Authored Catalogue Essay)
2001 Curated "Sculpture in Chicago Now," Glass Curtain Gallery, Columbia College Chicago, IL, February 19- March 19.
1996-97 Curated "Drawing in Chicago Now," (survey of Chicago Artists) Columbia College Gallery, Chicago, September 30-November 22.

Lectures, Critical Writing

2010 "Mapping the Global," catalogue essay for Imagine Everywhere, A&D Gallery, Columbia College Chicago, Aug. 12-Sept. 18
2009 "(Re)Imaging Modigliani: The Painted Photographs Of Carole Harmel and Arthur Lerner," exhibition catalogue essay for Facing Modigliani curated by Carole Harmel
2007 "'The Road' …to More Meaningful Art?" Chicago Artists' News, June P. 9.
2007 Edge, catalogue of essays pub. By the American Abstract Artists includes essay "Real Abstraction: No Metaphors, No Apologies," (Image).
2007 Terrence Karpowicz essay for GSA Catalogue.


Lectures, Critical Writing cont.

2006 Industry of the Ordinary Catalogue interview with Adam Brooks and Matthew Wilson.
2004 Catalogue Essay "The Painter as Alchemist," Tim Anderson's "People" exhibition at Thomas Masters Gallery Oct.
2003 Correct Calls ("Wrong Trope") Letter to the Editor, ARTFORUM, Jan., p. 18.
2002 Interviewer for "for Contemporary Conversations: Royden Watson and Corey Postiglione," Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art, Cleveland Ohio, June 28, (Video Tape).
2002 Wrote Catalogue Essay for Bernard Wideroe Exhibition "Ten Years of Work," Glass Curtain Gallery, Columbia College Chicago, IL, March.
2000 Interviewer for "Question-and-Answer Session with Jim Dine," at the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Columbia College Chicago, March 2 (Video Tape).
2000 American Abstract Artists, lecture and slide presentation "Semiotic Abstraction or Sometimes a Square is Not Just a Square: The resignification of Recent Abstract Painting," New York, NY, February 27.
1999 College Art Association, panelist for "Old Technology/New Ideas: The Place of Painting Today;" paper: "Semiotic Abstraction or Sometimes a Square is Not Just a Square: The resignification of Recent Abstract Painting."
1998 Moderator/organizer for "Meet the Press" (panel discussion with prominent Chicago critics organized with Susan Snodgrass as part of the Chicago Art Critics Association Events Program) at the Chicago Cultural Center, October 15.
1976-99 The artist has written numerous articles and reviews for the New Art Examiner, C-Magazine, and Dialogue, as well as many catalogue essays.



Lectures, Critical Writing cont.

1994 Keynote Speaker for Seeing Through Borders: The Challenge of Cultural Diversity in the Arts, a two-part panel exploring issues of multiculturalism and aesthetics in the visual arts; Co-organized with Susan Snodgrass, March 26.

Cultures, Communities & the Arts: Exploring the Impact of Cultural Diversity in Chicago; Moderated panel "New Models for Criticism," December 2.
The Artist's work is included in several public and private Collections and is currently represented by the Thomas Masters Gallery in Chicago and the Brad Cooper Gallery, Tampa, FL. The artist is also a member of the American Abstract Artists, New York, and the Chicago Art Critics Association.