Gallery H20



Photo by Jim Kirkhoff

Our retail store, Gallery H2O, is adjacent to Water Street Studios' fine art gallery and offers quality artistic items for your everyday shopping needs. Within Gallery H2O you will find original paintings, photography, jewelry, sculpture, tableware, and wearable art at prices perfect for gift giving!


Gallery H20 Submission Packet

Interested in submitting work to Gallery H20?
Gallery H2O is open only to members and resident artists.

How to Apply:

  • Gallery H20 artists have to be members of WSS or a Resident (renting a studio at WSS) Artists.
  • All artists must complete the Gallery H20 Submission Packet
  • All work must be tagged Artists Name | Piece Name | Experation Date | Price
    (at drop off, labels will be provided)
  • Any questions contact us at


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~Water Street Studios Renting Artist commission structure is as followed: 70% to the Artist / 30% to the Water Street Gallery.

~Non-Renting Artist (must be an artist member) commission structure is as followed: 60% to the Artist / 40% to Water Street Studios.


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Photos by Jim Kirkhoff

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