Access Program

A core part of the Water Street Studios mission is to provide artists with affordable space to develop their craft in the company of other artists with a network of support and inspiration. As an integral part of our community, the Batavia Artists Association at Water Street Studios strives to create a personal and diverse venue for creativity, collaboration, expression and education.  Welcome to the Access Program.


Access Labs:


Fall into the slip!
Build, spin, or mold your own fom.

Ceramic Studio Form




Light up sparky!
Weld, saw or plama cut your way through life. This program is in the initial stages. If interested, e-mail Jim Kirkhoff at

Metal Shop Form



Let's get inky! 
Emerging Printmaking program,  Variety of presses to suit every printmaking process. Located: 117 W. Main St. || St. Charles, Courtyard Entrance.

Printshop Form



What is the Access Program?
A core part of the Water Street Studios mission is to provide artists with affordable space in which they can create and collaborate. The Access Program makes professional equipment in the media of print, ceramics and metal work available to artists to learn, create and collaborate. The Access Program is perfect for advanced hobbiest who want to take their art to the next level as well as students who need an inspiring environment to learn on their own. These include students from regional high schools, universities as well as the WSS School of Art.

How it Works:
Lab members have independent access to the studio during regular gallery hours or when scheduling with the respective Access Manager. Access Members will also be allocated space within the working space to store materials or pieces in progress.
Prior to access, we ask our Members to demonstrate sufficient knowledge with the equipment they are using or to have taken one of our classes in the respective media. The studio space is a place to experiment, learn, grow and share. This happens best when the space is maintained, clean and well cared for. All Access members will be expected to work together to maintain the spaces, respect the equipment and properly clean and store tooling.

Contract Options:
It is the goal of the Access Program to make these creative spaces available to artists on flexible schedules and terms. To achieve this, we offer a variety of membership packages for each Access Program. The use of some materials/consumables is included in the fees of each respective Access Program. Please reference the contract for further details.

Photos by Jim Kirkhoff