The History of Project 160

Water Street Stuios, YOUR community art center.

At first, Batavia Artists Association at Water Street Studios was just a dream.

The vision was to have a central location for artists to rent affordable space and develop their craft in a supportive and collaborative environment.  The scope then grew to include a significant element of community involvement through the addition of gallery space and classrooms.  This dream was shared by a larger group of stakeholders.  Not only the artists of the Fox Valley, but the property owner, City of Batavia and the community at large.  All of who saw that art is an integral part of a strong community.

Within one year, this dream became Water Street Studios.  A 16,000 sq-ft historic limestone building in downtown Batavia with renovated with 28 artist studios, three classrooms and two premier galleries for showcasing fine art.  As a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, Water Street Studios develops artists who share their passion with the wider arts community here in the tri-cities and beyond.


Project 160 : How it all started. The history of building Water Street Studios is chronicled through photos taken by board members who were there every step of the way.

Grand Opening of our temporary space, Nov 25th, 2008

Friday September 19th, 2009: Grand Opening of Art Center



The final product: