Board of Directors

Water Street Studios is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.

Mission: Batavia Artists Association at Water Street Studios was founded to advance art education and appreciation by developing the promotion of fine arts in Batavia and neighboring communities. As an integral part of our community, the Batavia Artists Association at Water Street Studios strives to create a personal and diverse venue for creativity, collaboration, expression and education.



Joi Cuartero - Art Director / Executive Director (WSS Founding Member)



Joi holds art, no matter what the form, in high esteem. From sculpture and painting to music and the theater, she loves it all. That is why she wanted to help create Water Street Studios. She believes in the vision of having a place for artists to create, tech and learn; all while giving the community a place to hang out, view art, take classes and be proud of their local talent. She loves walking into the Art Center and seeing people working in their studio, while someone is playing music in the gallery and others are taking a class.



She comes from an arts background, with a degree in Arts, Entertainment, Media Management. Her education gives her the ability to be a great liaison between the artistic and business side of this project. Currently, she works for Batavia Mainstreet, a not-for-profit, community-based organization devoted to enhancing downtown Batavia's identity as the heart of the community through dedicated volunteer efforts. Before that she worked at HD Ready, a music-television production company that co-produces the show Soundstage and is now working in 3D music films. Her experience in production allows her to engage with this project in order to help Water Street Studios grow even more. You can find Joi Cuartero on IMDb.



Jim Kirkhoff - Director of Development (WSS Founding Member)

Jim graduated from Purdue University with a BS in Industrial Engineering. For 16 years, he worked in engineering, sales and project management positions at companies who provided capital equipment for the assembly of electric motors and generators. Since moving to Batavia in 2004 (with his wife Suzy), Jim has been involved with a variety of community groups related to arts, recreation, education and environmentalism.

In April 2009, Jim started to work with joined the board of the BAA to help form the Community Outreach program then began filming the evolution of Water Street Studios for a documentary. In July of 2009, Jim joined the board as Director of Development. The role of Development is to find and secure funding opportunities in the form of donations or grants from sources such as citizens, patrons of the arts, community groups, foundations and companies.

Artistically, Jim works in film (in addition to the WSS documentary, Jim is also working on a Star Wars fan film), photography (Jim's work has been in a number of Water Street Shows, first submitted for the 2010 Summer Show) and music.

Since Water Street Studios is a not-for-profit organization, we need to develop funding opportunities from a variety of sources. As Director of Development, Jim's role is to lead this effort, but he can not do it alone. Anyone who is interested in participating in this process is welcome to join the Development Committee. Also, if you have contacts who would be interested in donating to Water Street or if you have experience in this area, please contact Jim



Hennie Reynders


Hennie Reynders is Professor in Architecture, Interior Architecture and Designed Objects at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. As architect and designer his work crosses disciplinary boundaries and includes art installations, product design, architecture and landscape urbanism projects. His research and teaching focuses on spatial relationships, citizen infrastructure, design theory and interdisciplinary thinking and making at the intersection of art, design and science. He has exhibited, lectured and acted as moderator in different contexts in Chicago, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Tokyo and Johannesburg.



Álvaro Amat

Álvaro Amat is director of exhibition design at The Field Museum and is currently pursuing his masters in arts education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Álvaro and his wife Michele Norman have been resident artists at Water Street Studios since 2010. Álvaro works artistically as a sculptor and his piece Nebula was named as an honorable mention piece in last years iLLUMINATE Show.



Laura Spicer

Laura Spicer is curator/coordinator for the NeXt Gallery in St. Charles and is the former executive director of the Theraplay Institute. Laura has been a friend of Water Street Studios working diligently in the Fox Valley artistic community creating pop-up venues for artists as an avenue to showcase their work. Artistically, Laura works in oil paints and mixed media.