About Us

Welcome to Water Street Studios, YOUR community art center.

Batavia Artists Association at Water Street Studios is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization devoted to expanding art in Batavia and the surrounding communities. By converting an historic limestone building in downtown Batavia we have created an amazing 16,000 sq ft arts center featuring 28 artist studios, three classrooms and two premier galleries for showcasing fine art. Created by a group of artists, the property owners, city officials, and community members; the center will focus on extending the arts community here in the tri-cities and beyond.

Mission: Batavia Artists Association at Water Street Studios was founded to advance art education and appreciation by developing the promotion of fine arts in Batavia and neighboring communities. As an integral part of our community, the Batavia Artists Association at Water Street Studios strives to create a personal and diverse venue for creativity, collaboration, expression and education.

We encourage volunteers who are interested in assisting instructors, staffing the gallery and helping out during special events. Join us!

"The shared dream/vision is to have a central location for artists to rent affordable
space and develop their craft, all while having a network of support and inspiration
from their neighboring artists. Add to this, the ability to interact with the community
through shows, classes, workshops, projects and events… the potential for a shared creativity is simply inspiring."



WSS Art Center Brochure